MSc in Business Engineering (Thesis/English)

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The Business Engineering Program, which was opened at the beginning of the 2012-2013 academic year; department of business engineering is currently provide training on innovation-based business and business design. The differences between Business and Business Engineering; The Management Program focuses on the activities of the already established companies, while the Management Engineering Program focuses on the stage of the realization of a new idea. Rather than dealing with the optimal positioning of an existing product in the marketing process, it focuses on creating market share. In this sense, the program; has a sufficient background in business and management sciences; use practical knowledge to produce innovative solutions and to make sustainable contributions; create new business lines based on innovation and create ideas for innovation for SME establishment; new product development, competitiveness and market analysis, market diversification, incubation processes, innovation finance, quality, risk, distribution management; It aims to educate individuals who design, improve and manage planning, coordinating and supervising related activities. In addition, effective use of project, risk change and strategic management techniques and tools in real life innovation problems; have the ability to find, select and use modern techniques and calculation tools required for innovation and sustainable development practices; have the ability to work in teams and cooperate with others, individual work, initiative and entrepreneurship; It also aims to develop individuals who have the ability to communicate effectively by using ideas and results in both written and oral forms.
Assoc.Prof. (PhD) Ayhan Özgür Toy